Because Old School Is So Cool!
World Record!

BBNova as driven by Kevin Parent set a world record in Nostalgia Pro Street with an incredible 7.35 second ¼ mile pass!

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What a Season 2004 was

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With our brand new EC1 bad to the bone chassis and Lukovich power it was a season of learning for our team. It all started back in late April as we decided to get some testing in before we headed down to Atlanta for our 1st NSCA race of the 2004 season. We rented US131 along with a few other people and got a few hits in. The car left straight and ran some decent numbers with no tune up. We just happened to muster up a few 7.7 passes. We packed up and headed for Atlanta, Ga. but our hopes were dashed as we showed up to rain and the race was called on Saturday. We headed home and prepared for our next event that was at Cecil County Dragway in Md. We qualified #3, only .12 behind #1 qualifier. On race day we went out first round due to some bump steer issues and having to lift. We got the car home and went through the steering geometry and set it up right. We were now prepared for our next event, which was to be at Milan dragway in Milan, Michigan. Being only an hour away and having home field advantage we wanted and expected to do well there. We ended up qualifying in the middle of the pack qualifying #4. On race day we were on a roll. We drew Brian Ferrari first round and advanced only to meet John Schroeder in the semis. I was on the tree and came up with a hole shot win, as Schroeder did not have enough track to catch me. That put us in the finals against none other than Rob Golobo. I knew I had to be on my game. As I final staged the car the car rolled a little and as the lights came down I left a little to early and the race was all over for me. We ended with a runner up and things were looking up. Next was a trip across the Canadian boarder for the CFSC shootout. Things were definitely looking up as we qualified #1 with a 7.64. On race day, we were taken out by eventual winner Fast Eddie Timal. Next on the schedule was Quaker City Raceway in Salem, Oh. We qualified #2, only .02 out of the #1 spot. We drew Rob Golobo first round. As we were in the lanes I noticed my pin that holds my window net up was missing. I put the window net bar over a tab and it held, or so I thought. As I did my burn out, the window net fell. I again put the bar over the tab and backed up. I final staged the car and mashed the accelerator pedal. Just then the window net bar fell and caught my attention. At that split second, the lights came down and I released the trans brake button. It was too late, I saw Golobo leave. He put a tree on me and out ET'd me by .01. That brought us to MIR in Budds Creek, Md. There was no testing on Friday. We were used to getting a hit or two. Saturday came and we were pleasantly surprised when we qualified #2 with a 7.65 and only .01 behind #1. On race day, we advanced past first round only to draw Rob Golobo in the semis. I put an excellent light, .008 on him, but to no avail. My 7.71 was no match for his 7.66. I think I see a pattern here. Do you feel my pain? With the season winding down, we headed to Mid-Michigan Motorplex in Stanton, Mi. Making a hit on Friday proved to be fruitful. We went a best ever 1.12 60' and 7.62 ET. We loaded up and got some sleep. On qualifying day, we would repeat our 7.62, but this would only be good enough for a #3 spot. On race day, we drew Mike Stanley and made it past 1st round. We would have our hands full as we had John Schroeder in the semis. I left first with .03 in the bank, but this proved to be all for not as he came around me on the high end. Well, that brings us to National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Oh. With $3000 Profiler and $500 BRM Product Services #1 qualifying money, and the fact that we were 1 point behind Brian Ferrari for 3rd place, we knew he had to step it up. With the tuning help of one of our Sponsors Hutch of Hutch's Trans Service, I told him lets go for it. He gave me the tune up and low and behold it paid off. We qualified #1, with a season best of 7.58. The bad news was, it took it's toll. Hole #5 was oiling real bad. We had a single our 1st round, and advanced to the semi's only to meet Golobo for the final time this year. Golobo not being one to disappoint, put me on the trailer once again. It was a season of learning, ups and downs. I am very proud of my crew. Thanks once again my dedicated Crew Chief Brian Mullaney and crew Alex Parent (my son), I couldn't do it without you guys. Thanks also to my wonderful wife Gayle who is understanding of my time away and also very supportive of my racing. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank my sponsors. Let me start with Hutch. Hutch as everyone knows builds the best damn trans in the business and is sincere as they come. What you may not know is Hutch also steers me in the right direction. He is well versed in all aspects of drag racing. When we were looking for new heads and motor program, he taught me what to look for and it definitely paid off. When we knew we needed a new chassis last season, Hutch told me what to look for and what may work. Hutch has turned into a great ally and friend. Jeff Lukovich of Lukovich Racing and Mail Order has given me the power I need to get to this point in my racing career. After going over everything Jeff has promised team BBNOVA that we will see almost a tenth in power increase for next season. We are looking forward to it Jeff. Drive Train Specialists (DTS) has built me one hell of a rear end. Pushing that much weight to a 1.12 60' and still holding strong has to say a lot. Their service and quality is second to none. EC1 Chassis has definitely shown me they can build one of the best racecars out there. They do not have the big name yet but soon will if they keep building cars like this. The chassis is stout and has produced great numbers, a 1.12 60', 4.87 1/8 mile and 7.58 #1 qualifier in a tough class that I compete against cars that definitely have an advantage. Thank you Ernie, You build one hell of a car. I would recommend you to anyone!! This season team BBNOVA switched to M/T drive tires. These tires have performed flawlessly pass after pass and have produced 1.12 sixty foots. They have never even thought of shaking. The best thing of all is we have completed a full season on these tires and they never went away. We normally go through 2 sets a season and were pleasantly surprised to complete a full season on the same set. M/T builds one hell of a tire. NOS brand nitrous systems has given me the winning edge that we were looking for. Their product has performed flawlessly all season as usual. A new addition to our program this year was the MSD 7530 ignition box. This system has worked very well allowing us to get down the track and maximize performance. The software is very easy to use and transfer information with. To compliment my Hutch TH400, we once a gain used a Neal Chance converter. As with the previous 4 years running NPS, it worked pass after pass after pass giving me consistency and performance. We look forward to the 2005 racing season with the NSCA. We know we have what it takes to put a #1 on the window of my Big Block NOVA!!!