Because Old School Is So Cool!
World Record!

BBNova as driven by Kevin Parent set a world record in Nostalgia Pro Street with an incredible 7.35 second ¼ mile pass!

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Milan Michigan A huge success!!!

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06-15-2004 We showed up in the evening on Friday June 11th. We teched the car in and got to watch a few people make some hits. Not feeling that the track was up to par, we decided to wait for Saturday morning to make the first hit, so we headed home for a good nights sleep. We arrived Saturday morning to rain, seems to be a trend lately running the NSCA circuit. Around 10:30 the clouds opened up and the sun shined through. We unloaded the car and started to prepare for first round of qualifying. As we were getting ready lots of friends showed up to show their support. One person that showed up made this whole weekend possible, Hutch of Hutch's trans service showed to help tune the car. I knew having Hutch calling the shots would really get us in the direction we needed to go. Listening to Hutch we made changes to the car. The first hit out the car responded well to the tune up in it, but the chassis was unloading on the leave. Our first pass got us number 4 qualifier out of 6 NPS competitors with a 7.70. After going over all the data, we made a few changes and waited for our second qualifier. Around 7:00pm we got to go make another hit. The changes that we made produced more horsepower and made the unloading problem even worse. The MPH was up considerably but the chassis unloaded early in the pass and we hit the rev limiter. The pass only produced a 7.71. Hutch and I sat down and reviewed all the data. I would not have the benefit of having Hutch around Sunday during eliminations because he had to get home to spend some time with his family. Hutch gave me instructions for tomorrow, and team BBNOVA headed home for 5 hours of sleep being number 4 qualifier. We arrived Sunday morning to partly cloudy skies. We unloaded the car and made the changes Hutch had advised me to make. We drew Brian Ferrari and his beautiful mean green Chevelle for our first round of eliminations. Brain qualified number 3, which gave him lane choice. Brian put us in the left lane and we went to battle. Brian was the first to leave but the Lukovich power was making good steam. We went through the traps in 7.64 seconds to Brian's 7.89 second pass. On to the semi's and John Schroeder. We had lane choice for the next round and chose the right lane. John and I did our burnouts and final staged the cars. I left first with .05 seconds in the bank. Good thing because John ran a 7.62 to my 7.66, but that was not enough to get around me. I finally got the finals for the first time this year. The bad news was I had to face Rob Golobo. If you don't know, Rob has put me on the trailer all but one time every time I have been up against him. They made the call for final round and we headed up to the lanes to meet Golobo. We had lane choice running just faster than Rob in the semi's. We again chose the right lane. Rob and I both did our burn outs and final staged the cars. I thought I would be more nervous than I was, but this was the chance for payback that I wanted so badly. As I final staged the car I noticed it rolled from pressing the gas peddle just as I pressed the trans brake button. This put me in a little deeper than I normally stage. The tree dropped and I released the button. I left Rob at the tree and proceeded to head down the track as fast as I could. Rob has a knack of catching you on the high end. I passed the finish line and no Rob. A big smile came over my face, I had done it, or so I thought. As I passed the scoreboards I noticed his win line was on. Oh no, what had happened? It turns out I had left the .400 tree with a .394 light. OUCH!!!! It was Rob's win and would have to settle for a runner up. My 7.69 second pass to his 7.66 pass didn't mater. We are looking forward to the Canadian Fastest Street Car Shootout. We believe there is more in it and look forward to some testing before this event. Hope to see every one there. Special thanks goes out to Hutch for all his knowledge and getting me to the finals, Jeff Lukovich for giving me the HP to be competitive, NOS brand nitrous oxide for making the best nitrous system on the market, Mickey Thompson Tires for making the car leave as hard as it does with no tire shake, DTS for the driveline components that last through all the abuse I put them through, my brother Chris and his friends, My sons Alex & Brandon (you guys rock),Mike Demers for crewing, and lastly Brian my crew chief.Check out the picture and movie section for Milan coverage.